~~Living the Gluten Free Lifestyle~~

by Becky Rider

Welcome to your gluten free lifestyle. Adopting a gluten free or grain free diet can be a big adjustment, but you will be rewarded with vibrant health and relief of your symptoms. Enjoying healthful, whole, minimally processed foods instead of packaged, chemical-laden, processed foods will give your body the tools it needs to heal, and you'll be filled with energy and vitality.

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The Grain-Free Lifestyle

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Choose your entrée from the menu above, or from the bar to the left.  Learn how to know for sure if you are sensitive to gluten, and develop the habit of eating with intention, whether or not you are sensitive to gluten.

Find gluten free and grain free recipes for foods you will be delighted to serve your family and friends, and see how easy it can be to prepare grain-free sauces, main courses, vegetables, and desserts bursting with flavor that feature fresh, nutritious ingredients.

The gluten free lifestyle offers you gourmet foods, fine wines, beers and spirits, aromatic products for home and body, and radiant wellness to enjoy it all.

The gluten free, grain free lifestyle is still mostly about living.  Join us here, and live well. 

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I am pleased to recommend the Celiac Restaurant Guide to all Living Gluten Free guests.  This useful guide will allow you to select celiac-safe restaurants, so you can dine out with confidence.

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