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Cooking Grain Free With The Trendy Cook

by Becky Rider

Living the gluten free lifestyle is so yesterday's news. Now, we hear about Paleo, low glycemic level, low insulin index, low carb, resistant starches, and grain free eating plans.

It turns out that we're all unique, and require different kinds of foods for optimal health. 

So, whatever you want to cook or eat, we've got you covered.  We'll cook all the latest trends, and show you how you can too. Prepare amazing foods that feed your soul and not just your belly. Eat food worth loving!


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Important information from functional medicine doctor Peter Osborne about new research into sensitizing factors other than gluten found in all grains:  Read the full story here.

You want to or need to cook grain-free, and you want to create gourmet meals and snacks that fill your stomach and feed your soul. I know that's what I want!

With your help, this website will soon be a better culinary destination for gourmet gluten-free or grain-free recipes and ideas. Recipes that don't make your life better are being removed, and amazingly good recipes, ones that allow their high-quality ingredients to shine, are coming soon.

All your favorite sections will remain, like the health section, the trusted suppliers pages, the gluten free alcohol pages, and the culinary techniques pages, and the Food and Cooking section is being refined and revamped.

Keep stopping back, as the site will be changing on a regular basis.

A note about the changes on the site: you've told me what you want to read, and what you're looking for, and I'm working to deliver! Keep popping back and checking on the progress, and let me know if there's something specific you'd like to see.

And thanks for visiting and!

      The Trendy Cook

Eating Well On a Gluten-Free Diet

Living gluten-free does not mean having to eat poor-quality substitutes for all the foods you love, nor does it mean missing out on pot-lucks, restaurants, and picnics.

Changing how you think about food and cooking
, and doing a bit of planning and preparation, will help you adjust to your new way of eating much more easily.

You can prepare gourmet meals that you would be proud to serve anyone by learning just a few techniques and following the recipes.  Many meals require no grains at all to prepare, and the results are amazing.

Eating well on a gluten-free diet really is no different from just eating well:  buy the freshest, highest-quality foods you can, choosing locally sourced, organic, pastured, or wild-caught when possible, and prepare them simply.  Add a luscious sauce or a decadent dessert, and you have a meal fit for royalty.

Preparing gourmet meals takes no more time, effort, or expense than preparing poorly thought-out meals, and the difference between the two is astounding.  Take a few minutes now to look around and get some ideas, and bookmark this site, so you can come back often, as I am constantly adding new recipes, meal suggestions, and techniques.

 ~ The Trendy Cook ~

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I am pleased to recommend the Celiac Restaurant Guide to all Living Gluten Free guests.  This useful guide will allow you to select restaurants which  prepare gluten-free foods, minimize cross-contamination, and can answer questions about their menu items, so you can dine out with confidence.

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